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St. Joseph's Bread
(Pane di San Giuseppe)

St. Joseph's Bread is a traditional bread served on St. Joseph's Day, March 19. It is an egg bread with a crumb that has a tighter, denser weave, allowing the dough to be used for fancy bread-sculpting designs. Breads in the form of crosses, staffs, wheat sheaves, images of St. Joseph, and braids of the Blessed Mother adorn the St. Joseph table and are eaten throughout the feast day.


          St. Joseph Altar Symbols

                  Shapes of the Breads and Cakes

Monstrance   Holds the Sacred Host
Chalice   Consecration of the Bread and Wine at the Last Supper
Cross   Crucifixion of Christ
Dove   The Holy Spirit
Lamb   Jesus, the Lamb of God
Fish   Christian symbol of Jesus Christ
Bible   Large cake that is one of the focal points of the altar
Hearts   Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary
Palms    Palm of martyrdom, also the palms cast at the feet 
of Jesus as he entered Jerusalem

 Symbols of St. Joseph

Lilies, Staff, Sandals, Beard, Ladder, Saw, Hammer, and Nails

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St. Joseph's Bread
St. Joseph's Bread
  St. Joseph Altar Symbols Bible, Chalice, Cross, Dove, Fish, Hearts, Lamb, Monstrance, and Palms St. Joseph Symbols Beard, Hammer, Ladder, Lilies, Nails, Sandals, Saw, and Staff